Supercruise Aviation - Compilation of New additions
Visited at PS AERO at Baarlo and Kessel

Spotting Group Volkel had arranged a visit to PS AERO on 26-03-2011. The owner, Piet Smedts, was kind enough to lead us to the location Baarlo and the new location in Kessel.

We were told by Piet Smedts that he had sold the BMW dealership and that he only is going to work with airplanes, buying, selling and leasing. There will also be a kind of museum at the site in Baarlo.


MiG-21MF Jaguar GR3A T-33A Alpha Jet
8909 XX974/FE 51-6520 40+65
Su-22M-4 Lightning F2A Mi-8T Mi-2
25+13 XV784 94+21 94+50
L-401A Mi-24D MiG-23MF Su-22UM-3K
OK-176 0219 20+08 98+16
Br1150 F-104G GF-4C G-91R/3
61+11 23+76 64-0745 99+05
F-104G Mirage 3RS MiG-23MF Mirage 3B-1
23+27 R-2107 593 235
MiG-23ML Tornado MRCA F-104G MiG-21US
2422 98+06 26+72 24+11
Alpha Jet F-104G
40+52 21+71


BN-2A-21 Jaguar GR3A F-84F MiG-23UB
B05/LE XZ357/FK P-263 20+56
Mi-2 MiG-21M MiG-21M MiG-21M
501 2007 1909 1804
MiG-21M F-104G Alpha Jet F-104G
2008 21+60 40+95 26+30
F-104G F-104G NF-5A F-104G
24+89 25+61 K-3063 23+01