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Imperial War Museum Duxford

A505, Duxford Aerodrome
CB22 4QR
Telephone : 0044-(0)1223-835000
Fax : 0044-(0)1223-837267

Last visit on 16-9-2011
Fake Serial/Code
Canso A 11005 as G-PBYA Canada
F-15A 76-0020 United States of America
Hall 1, AirSpace
Fake Serial/Code
CF-100 Mk.4B 18393 Canada
Lysander III 1558 V9673 Canada
Hunter F6 N-250 cockpit Netherland
Strikemaster Mk.80 1133 Saudi Arabia
Airco D.H.9 D5649 United Kingdom
Anson I N4877 United Kingdom
Canberra B2 WH725 United Kingdom
Eurofighter 2000(T) ZH590 United Kingdom
Harrier GR3 XZ133 United Kingdom
Hastings C1A TG528 United Kingdom
Jaguar GR1mod XX108 United Kingdom
Lancaster B10 KB889 United Kingdom
Lightning F1 XM135 United Kingdom
Magister I BB661 as G-AFBS United Kingdom
Mosquito TT35 TA719 United Kingdom
Oxford I V3388 United Kingdom
RAF RE8 F3556 United Kingdom
Shackleton MR3 XF708 United Kingdom
Spitfire F.24 VN485 United Kingdom
Sunderland V ML796 United Kingdom
Swordfish NF370 United Kingdom
Tiger Moth II N6635 United Kingdom
Tornado GR1 ZA465 United Kingdom
TSR-2 XR222 United Kingdom
Typhoon IB United Kingdom
Victor B(K)1A XH648 United Kingdom
Vulcan B2 XJ824 United Kingdom
Wessex HAS1 XS863 United Kingdom
Whirlwind HAS7 XK936 United Kingdom
York C1 MW232 United Kingdom
Hall 2, Flying Aircraft
Fake Serial/Code
Beaufighter Mk21 A8-324 as A19-144 Australia
Yale 3349 as G-BYNF Canada
Curtiss H75-C1 82 France
Fennec 142 France
AD-4N 14 as 124143/RM-05 Gabon
T-28S 1236 as 51-7545 Haiti
J11 2542 as G-CBLS Sweden
Sk16A 16105 as FE695 Sweden
Chipmunk T10 WK522 United Kingdom
Dominie I X7344 as G-AGJG United Kingdom
Harvard IIb FE695 as G-BTXI United Kingdom
Nimrod I S1581 United Kingdom
Sea Fury FB11 VX653 as G-BUCM United Kingdom
Sea Fury T20 WG655 as NX20MD United Kingdom
Sea Gladiator II N5903 United Kingdom
Spitfire Ib AR213 United Kingdom
Spitfire F.22 PK624 United Kingdom
F6F-5K 80141 as 40467/19 United States of America
F8F-2 121714 as G-RUMM United States of America
FG-1D 88297 as KD345 United States of America
FM-2 86711 as JV579/V United States of America
GB-2 32874 as G-BRVE United States of America
P-40B 41-13297 as 284 United States of America
P-40F 41-19841 as VH-PIV United States of America
P-47G 42-25068 United States of America
Hall 3, Air and Sea
Fake Serial/Code
Afghan Hind Afgahnistan
Spitfire HFIXB SM41 as MH434 Belgium
Bolingbroke IVT 10201

with a different nose
Hurricane XII 5547 as Z5140 Canada
Mustang IV 9568 as 413704 Canada
FA-330A-1 100143 Germany
Mi-24D 96+21 Germany
Buccaneer S2B XV865 United Kingdom
Firefly TT1 DT989 as SE-BRG United Kingdom
Gannet ECM6 XG797 United Kingdom
Nimrod II K3661 United Kingdom
Sea Hawk FB5 WM969 United Kingdom
Sea King HAS6 XV712 United Kingdom
Sea Venom FAW21 XG613 United Kingdom
Sea Vixen FAW2 XS576 United Kingdom
Vampire T11 WZ590 United Kingdom
Wasp HAS1 XS567 United Kingdom
Hall 4, Battle of Britain
Fake Serial/Code
Bf109-E3 1190 Germany
MiG-21PF 501 Hungary
Hurricane IIb as Z2315 Sovit Union
Bristol F2b E2581 United Kingdom
Cierva C-30A HM580 United Kingdom
Hunter F6A XE627 United Kingdom
Javelin FAW9 XH897 United Kingdom
Meteor F8 WK991 United Kingdom
Phantom FGR2 XV474 United Kingdom
Proctor III LZ766 United Kingdom
Varsity T1 WJ945 United Kingdom
Hall 5, Conservation in Action
Fake Serial/Code
IA-58A Pucará A-549 Argentina
MS500 338 as CF+HF France
AAC1 6316 as 4V+GH Portugal
CASA C2111B B.2I-103 as B.2I-27 Spain
Vampire T11 WZ590 United Kingdom
B-17G 44-85784 United States of America
Hall 6, American Air Museum
Fake Serial/Code
Avenger AS3 326 as X3 Canada
F-100D 42165 as 42-165/VM France
T-33A 14286 France
AT-16ND B-168 Netherland
TP-47D 119 as 226413 Peru
C-47A T.3-29 as 315509 Spain
Phantom F-4J (UK) ZE359 as 155529 United Kingdom
A-10A 77-0259 United States of America
B-25J 44-31171 United States of America
B-52D 56-0689 United States of America
EZB-24M 44-51228 United States of America
F-111E 67-0120 United States of America
PT-17 41-08169 as 217786 United States of America
SR-71A 61-7962 United States of America
TB-29 44-61748 United States of America
U-2C 56-6692 United States of America
UH-1H 72-21605 United States of America