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Tango Squadron

Tambon Su Thep, Amphoe Mueang
Chiang Mai
Telephone : +66 089-636-9146
Fax :


Last visit on 10-1-2018
Fake Serial/Code
Harvard IV 20229 Canada
A-37B J6-9/15/21131 Thailand
AT-28D JF13-109/15/0-37671 Thailand
AT-28D JF13-111/15/0-37685 Thailand
AT-28D JF13-114/15/22103-0-138173 Thailand
AT-28D JF13-120/18/23105/37711 Thailand
AT-28D JF13-56/08/0-13548/22404 Thailand
C-47 L2-12/96/212248 Thailand
Chipmunk T.20 F9-35/95/RR.35-95 Thailand
F-86F Kh17-16/04/1325 Thailand
F8F-1B Kh15-81/95/1234 Thailand
J-3C-65 2222/2222 Thailand
L-39ZA/ART KhF1-23/37/41123 Thailand
L-39ZA/ART KhF1-28/37/41133 Thailand
L-39ZA/ART KhF1-29/37/41134 Thailand
L-39ZA/ART KhF1-33/37/41143 Thailand
O-1 T2-19/14/53152/1971 Thailand
O-1A 2472 Thailand
O-1A 7415 Thailand
O-1E T2-30/15/53171/2643 Thailand
OV-10C J5-1/14/41101/158396 Thailand
OV-10C J5-15/14/41115/158410 Thailand
OV-10C J5-5/14/41105 Thailand
RFB Fantrainer 400 F18-4/32/04 Thailand
T-33A F11-34/26/56113/34-26 Thailand
T-33A F11-40/31/1133/57-0538 Thailand
T-6G F8-148/00/2302/1-14630 Thailand
U-10B Th1-../53144/66-14345 Thailand
Tiger Moth II EM973 United Kingdom
L-5E 42-98148 United States of America
L-5G 45-35034 United States of America