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New Zealand Warbirds Association, Ardmore Airport

Harvard Lane
Ardmore Airport, Papakura
Telephone : +64 (09) 298 9207
Fax : +64 (09) 298 9210

Last visit on 22-2-2017
Fake Serial/Code
STM-2 A50-13 as S-53 Australia
Canso A 11054 as NZ4017 Canada
Mustang IV 9265 as NZ2415 Canada
A-4K NZ6209/06 New Zealand
CT-4 NZ1941/69 as VH-YCR New Zealand
Harvard IIa NZ1052 as ZK-MJN New Zealand
Harvard IIa NZ1053 as ZK-JJA New Zealand
MB339CB NZ6471/71 New Zealand
T6/24-150 NZ1762/62 New Zealand
L-39C 332701 as ZK-WLM / 28 white Russia
Yak-52 cn 822108 as white 718 Ukraine
Bulldog T1 XX657/U United Kingdom
Chipmunk T10 WB693/S United Kingdom
Chipmunk T10 WK551 United Kingdom
Proctor I P6271 as ZK-DPP United Kingdom
Spitfire TR IX MH367 United Kingdom
PT-22 41-20854 as 853/ZK-RYN United States of America
T-28B 138218 as ZK-TGN United States of America
Be-2e 687 Replica