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Militaire Luchtvaart Museum

Kampweg 120
3769 DJ Soesterberg
Telephone : 0031-(0)346-356000
Fax: 0031-(0)346-356020

Last visit on 14-4-2012
Fake Serial/Code
Alouette 2 A29 H-4 Belgium
C-47A K-688 X-5 Denmark
CM170 45 MT-51 France
F-100D 42265 41871/FW-871 France
F-102A 61052 61032/FC-032 Greece
F-86K MM6217 Q-305 Italy
AB204B 225 Netherlands
AT-16ND B-103 099/K Netherlands
AT-16ND B-175 Netherlands
B-25J M-464 Netherlands
Bo-105CB B-37 Netherlands
DH.82A A-10 Netherlands
DH.89B V-3 Netherlands
F-16A J-215 Netherlands
F-27 300M C-10 Netherlands
F-84E K-8 Netherlands
F-84F P-226 Netherlands
F-84F P-230 cockpit only Netherlands
F-84G K-171/DU-24 Netherlands
F-86K Q-283 Netherlands
F-104G D-8022 Netherlands
F-104G D-8245 Netherlands
F.K.51 429 Netherlands
Hunter F4 N-144 Netherlands
Meteor F4 I-69 Netherlands
NF-5B K-4011 Netherlands
OH-23C O-36 Netherlands
SE3160 A-465 Netherlands
Sea Fury FB51 6-43 Netherlands
SP-2H 201/V Netherlands
Spitfire LF9 H-1 Netherlands
UH-34J 134/V Netherlands
US-2N 160/V Netherlands
F-86F 5307 25385/FU-385 Portugal
MiG-21PFM 47 Red Soviet Union
Do-24T-3 HD.5-1 X-24 Spain
Fokker D7 NX3764 266 United Kingdom
Sea Hawk FGA6 XE489 131/D United Kingdom
F-15A 74-083 77-132/CR United States of America
P-51D 44-12125 H-307 United States of America
Farman HF-20 LA-2

out of the museum and back to the owner.
Fokker D21 221 Replica
Fokker G1A 330 Replica
Spitfire LP9c MJ881/3W-B Replica
Storage aera
Fake Serial/Code
C-47A K-688 T-443, previous as X-5 Denmark
CM170 45 MT-51 France
AT-16ND B-165 A-50 Netherlands
Auster AOP3 R-11 MZ-236 Netherlands
Beech D-18S PH-UDT G-10 Netherlands
F-16A J-230 Netherlands
F-16B J-265 Netherlands
F-84F P-248 Netherlands
F-104G D-8061 Netherlands
F-104G D-8062 Netherlands
F-104G D-8114 moved to Volkel Netherlands
F-104G D-8244 Netherlands
F-104G D-8266 Netherlands
F-104G D-8318 Netherlands
F-104G D-8338 D-5805 Netherlands
Hunter F4 N-122 Netherlands
Hunter F6 N-258 Netherlands
Hunter T7 N-305 Netherlands
L-18C R-87 Netherlands
Lockheed 12A L2-38 Netherlands
Meteor F8 I-189/7E-5

Tail section

fuselarge section
Meteor T7 I-19 Netherlands
NF-5A K-3011 Netherlands
NF-5A K-3029 Netherlands
NF-5B K-4028 Netherlands
PBY-5A 16-212 Netherlands
RF-84F TP-19 Netherlands
S-11 E-22 Netherlands
SE3160 H-20 Netherlands
SP-2H 201 without the wings Netherlands
SP-2H 218 Front fuselarge Netherlands
T-33A M-5 Netherlands
T-33A M-50 Netherlands
TF-104G D-5803 Netherlands
TF-104G D-5806 Netherlands
TF-104G D-5810 Netherlands
U-6A S-6 Netherlands
F-4E 67-0275 United States of America
F-15A 74-0083 77-0132/CR United States of America
Br1150 61+20 250/V West Germany