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Nationaal Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome

Pelikaanweg 50
8218 PG Luchthaven Lelystad
Telephone : 0031-(0)900-2846376
Fax : 0031-(0)320-289841

Last visit on 24-8-2010
Fake Serial/Code
Hunter F51 E-410 WV395 Denmark
MiG-21SPS-K 473 East Germany
C-47A 23936 G-DAKK France
CM170 45 F-GSHG

Now at Soesterberg as MT-51
CM170 374 F-GPHU France
CM170 406 F-GLHF France
An-2R 19 Lithuania
DH.82A A-38 Netherlands
F-104G D-8061 Netherlands
Fokker C.VD 634 Netherlands
Meteor F8 I-187 I-147 Netherlands
S-11 179/K Netherlands
S-11 E-9 Netherlands
S-11 E-29 Netherlands
S-11 E-36 Netherlands
S-11 E-39 Netherlands
S-14 K-1 Netherlands
SP-2H 210 Netherlands
Spitfire LF9c H-8 H-53/MH424 Netherlands
UH-19F 076/V Netherlands
US-2N 151 Netherlands
US-2N 159/V Netherlands
C-54A 6906 NL-316 South Africa
CASA 352L T.2B-275 1Z+IK Spain
AJSH-37 37901/51

With the re-painting they unfortunately use the wrong colors
Dakota IV KN487 PH-ALR United Kingdom
Dragonfly HR3 WG752 8-1 United Kingdom
F.K.23 K-123 United Kingdom
Jet Provost T3 XN600 only cockpit United Kingdom
Sea Devon C20 XJ350 PH-MAD United Kingdom
AT-7 42-02429 United States of America
C-47A 42-23838 N47FK United States of America
F-104G 22+90 West Germany