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Le Musée de L'Aéronautique

Château de Savigny-les-Beaune
21420 Savigny-les-Beaune
Telephone : 0033-(0)3-80215503
Fax : 0033-(0)3-80215484

Last visit on 10-6-2006
Fake Serial/Code
CM-170R MT-33 Belgium
F-84F FU-45 Belgium
F-104G FX-90 Belgium
Hunter F4 ID-44 Belgium
RF-84F RF-26 Belgium
TF-104G FC-08 Belgium
CF-104 104799 751

With tail from 104750
Silver Star 3 21029 Canada
Silver Star 3 21127 Canada
L-29R 2608 Czech Republic
MiG-19S 0219 Czech Republic
MiG-23MF 3887 Czech Republic
F-84G A-057 KP-X, tailsection from 51-9978 Denmark
Meteor NF11 H-512 SE-DCF Denmark
TF-100F GT-949 Denmark
Br1050 04 France
CM170 14 UJ-493 France
CM175 2 France
Etendard 4M 60 France
Etendard 4P 166 France
F-8P(FN) 1 150879/AH-204 France
F-8P 35 France
F-84F 29003/4-SA With aft fuselage and tail from FU-21 France
F-84G 110885/3-IX France
F-100D 42130/11-YF With tail from 54-2235 France
F-100F 63937/11-YH With tail from 54-2293 France
H-34A SA114/68-UF France
Jaguar A A8/11-EB France
Jaguar A A21/11-YA France
Meteor NF.11 NF11-24 France
Meteor T7 F6 France
Mirage 3A 06 France
Mirage 3B 216 With tail from 218 France
Mirage 3C 37 France
Mirage 3C 50/3.10-LD France
Mirage 3E 402/13-QL France
Mirage 3E 501 France
Mirage 3O O01 Australian prototype France
Mirage 3R 323/33-TB France
Mirage 3RD 354/33-TC France
Mirage 4A 6/AE France
Mirage 4A 18/AQ France
Mirage 5F 9/13-SH France
Mirage F1C 9/12-ZQ France
MS760 46 France
Mystère 2C 013 France
Mystère 4A 37/314-TB With tail from 47 France
Mystère 4A 55 France
Mystère 4A 285 France
Mystère 4A 289/2-EY France
N2501F 92 France
Ouragan 215 251 France
Ouragan 230 France
SE3130 1247 Gendarmerie France
Super Mystère B2 02 France
Super Mystère B2 69/12-YG France
Vautour 2A 2/92-AB France
Vautour 2N 304 France
Whirlwind Srs.2 WAD130 WAD129/CCV France
MiG-21MF75 23+43 ex 774/NVA Germany
Vamptire T55 185 Ireland
Lim-2 1811 Poland
Lim-5P 609 Poland
Lim-6bis 306 Poland
Mi-2M 0625 Poland
MiG-21M 1904 Poland
MiG-21U-600 2718 Poland
SBLim-2 720 Poland
Su-7BKL 813 Poland
Su-20R 6259 Poland
TS-11 bis B 323 Poland
G-91T/3 1801 Portugal
Harvard 2A 1527 Portugal
Vampire FB6 J-1178 Switzerland
Venom FB50 J-1545 Switzerland
Ligthning F1A XM178 United Kingdom
F-105F 63-8357 United States of America
CL-13B Mk.6 JA-339 West Germany
G-91R/3 32+43 West Germany